Article By Carolina Wos



Four to the floor. Even more traction for even more driving pleasure and performance. The new M specific all-wheel-drive system enables the new M3 and M4 models to accelerate faster than ever before thanks to maximum traction. 3.5 seconds is all the two new xDrive models take from 0-62mph, nearly half a second faster than their rear-wheel-drive siblings.

Essentially, with the M all-wheel-drive system, there is a choice of three power transmission modes – two performance-orientated 4WD modes as well as one pure 2WD mode for the especially puristic driving experience. In normal conditions, even in the default 4WD mode, both models are essentially in rear-wheel-drive, meaning all of the engine’s torque is sent to the rear wheels, so you don't loose power. Only once the need for more grip arises will the front wheels get any of the car’s torque and, once that happens, power is still delivered in a rear-biased fashion.

An improvement in acceleration and grip was always expected, but having now driven the xDrive version of the M3 and M4 in challenging conditions, the performance and handling could have not been better. The 4WD mode prevented skidding about when the car was inclined on slippery and uneven ground. In terms of practicality and all-year-round use, we would probably opt for the xDrive... Especially with winter just round the corner.

Our Score: 10/10