The New Off-Road EV?

With 20mm more ground clearance than the Taycan, the Taycan Cross Turismo shows that its versatility extends beyond everyday life. The optional off-road design package provides an additional 10mm ground clearance at the ‘middle’ of the chassis, meaning that nothing stands in the way of you and your adventure. There’s also a Gravel driving mode which alters the chassis, stability control and throttle calibration for use on loose surfaces, boosting ability off-road. After all, this could be the new off-road electric vehicle.

The Cross Turismo comes with a number of features as standard, including air suspension with PASM electronic damper control and the higher performance 93.4kWh battery, which is a four thousand pound option on the Taycan saloons.

The range kicks off with the £79,340 4 (469bhp, 0-62mph in 5.1sec, 242-283-mile range), rising through the £87,820 4S (563bhp, 0-62mph in 4.1sec, 241-281-mile range) to the £116,950 Turbo (671bhp, 0-62mph in 3.3sec, 245-281-mile range) and mighty £139,910 Turbo S (750bhp, 0-62mph in 2.9sec, 241-260-mile range).


"The Taycan is the pure expression of a Porsche electric sports car. Striking proportions, timeless and instantly recognisable design, and a perfect blend of performance with everyday usability." - Porsche

The front of the Cross Turismo is almost identical to the normal Taycan, though the front and rear aprons, side skirts and distinctive wheel arches differentiate the Cross Turismo from the rest of Porsche's Taycan line. The new design of the rear cannot be missed either - the large tail gate and flat window screen provide an astounding additional 47mm of headroom for passengers in the second row seats. There is also more space for feet beneath the front seats and a trebling of maximum luggage volume, up past 1,200 litres with the seats folded flat. The fixed panoramic glass roof, a feature we are familiar with, reaches beyond the second row of seats in the Cross Turismo offering spectacular views of the passing sky.

"The Taycan Cross Turismo embraces your lifestyle, with an enlarged rear luggage compartment and even more spacious interior. Its bold capability is further highlighted by the characteristic accents of the Off-road Design Package." - Porsche


For all you outdoor adventure lovers there is also an option of adding a rear-mounted bike carrier, allowing you to take up to 3 additional bikes with you. But it doesn’t just stop here… Porsche has just unveiled two new electric bikes inspired by the Taycan Cross Turismo: eBike Sport and eBike Cross.

Want even more adventure out of your journeys? Then you'll love the eBike Cross, designed to handle rugged mountainous terrains. Compared to the eBike Sport, the Cross comes with a handful of extra features, like high-performance MT Trail brakes and a full-suspension carbon frame. The Porsches eBikes are available on the company’s website at £7,650 (eBike cross) and £9,600 (eBike Sport).

Porsche says the Taycan is emotionally-charged and future orientated: "What applied to the legendary model 356 from 1948, applies even more so to the new Taycan and new Taycan Cross Turismo: a vehicle concept that reflects changing automotive times requires a soul with the prestigious Porsche title.”