Article By Carolina Wos

First Glimpse of the New All-Electric Mercedes EQG Concept Car​​


The Mercedes G-Class has undergone its biggest transformation since its first appearance back in 1979.

The EQG concept is a close visual relation to the current petrol and diesel G-Class but with new styling queues to match the EQ line of electric cars. The round headlights and coach door handles remain the same, but the front grille has been completely reimagined and replaced with a 3D Illuminated Black Panel.

One of the EQG’s distinctive features is the roof rack, which features an LED strip along its front edge to appeal to the off-road, adventure seekers. The concept car also features bespoke 22-inch alloy wheels, illuminated trim elements and a storage box in place of the spare-wheel-carrier, to keep all your charging cables neatly organised. Being a near-production concept, you can expect some changes before the EQG becomes official on the road in 2024.

The electric model boasts the same off-road capabilities as its internal combustion-powered counterparts with four electric motors, a redesigned rear axle and a new two-speed gearbox. In other words, the tough ladder frame chassis of the petrol and diesel car will be converted to accommodate a pure-electric powertrain.

Mercedes have not yet confirmed whether this system will be available in the final EQG. A production-ready EQG could instead source a twin-electric motor setup and 108kWh battery pack from the EQS with up to 523hp.

In the lighter and lower EQS 580, this results in 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds and a range of up to 478 miles. Expect those figures to take a hit as a result of the EQG’s increased size and weight, but it could manage 0-60mph in fewer than five seconds and may top the Tesla Model X Plaid’s 340-mile range.