BMW 7 Series Display Key Self Parking Demo

Since the 7 Series isn’t a small car at all, parking will always be a challenge.

The Display Key Remote Control Self Parking Feature has been created to allow you to park your car safely and with ease. Whether you have a tight garage at home or find yourself parked in between two cars in a car park after being out for lunch or shopping, the BMW’s high-tech Display Key can move the car forward or reverse at the touch of your fingertips.

The feature has been designed to be extremely safe. The parking sensors will detect anything in their immediate proximity and will stop the car on a dime if needed. Therefore, pedestrians will be safe while using it, as will other drivers in case you’re not paying attention.

Now that BMW's revolutionised the act with its Remote Control Parking feature, squeezing out of tight parking spaces is a feat of the past.

Watch our video for a full demonstration on how to use BMW's Display Key to Self Park in real-life.