Liam’s life in the automotive world started in 2001, when he was just 16. Over the course of the last two decades, he has dedicated his passion for cars to Acklam Car Centre and evolved from a promising young enthusiast to a key figure in our business's ongoing success.

Liam’s extensive level of experience and expertise set him apart, boasting a highly successful track record. This positions him as a highly knowledgeable professional, ready to confidently challenge anyone in the UK on the number of retail cars he has sold throughout his accomplished career.

Liam’s most recent years at Acklam Car Centre have been marked by the dealership winning a number of prestigious accolades including UK Retailer of the Year for three consecutive years. The awards represent the collective dedication of our team, and serve as a testament to our commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and innovation in the automotive industry, reinforcing our position as industry leaders.

In his spare time, Liam enjoys spending time at home in the countryside with his children Harry, Lottie, Max and his wife Rebecca.



Before becoming a key part of our team in 2016, Joe had already established himself as the top performer within the BMW organisation, as their UK leading sales achiever. His exceptional achievements did not go unnoticed as he was recognised by Acklam Car Centre and then recruited to join our Sales Team.

Throughout his career at Acklam Car Centre, Joe has cultivated specialised knowledge encompassing all premium car marques. His commitment extends beyond personal success, as he is always on hand to offer his vast experience and expertise to his team. Through comprehensive support and motivation, Joe ensures that his colleagues thrive and excel in their roles, contributing to the overall success of the team.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife Sharlene and young children Jasmine, Jayden, Elijah, Ariana and Esmeralda. If given the chance to choose any vehicle in the world, Joe would undoubtedly pick the powerful Bugatti Chiron.



With an impressive 17-year track record in the automotive industry, John's journey began in the world of Nissan, Renault, Ford, and BMW. His last three years at BMW have been spent as the leading Business Manager, where he was recognised by Acklam Car Centre for his outstanding performance and then recruited to join our Sales Team. Having joined us as an expert in BMW vehicles, John has dedicated the past seven years to Acklam Car Centre, expanding his expertise across a wider range of specialist vehicles. John is an expert in finance and brings sharp attention to detail to our team, contributing significantly to our ongoing success.

Beyond the showroom, John finds enjoyment in watching sports and dedicates time to fitness. John's love for cars has been a lifelong passion, tracing back to his early years. If given the opportunity to choose any car in the world, his ultimate pick would undoubtedly be the iconic Ferrari LaFerrari.




Evolved from a strong business background and having owned a clothing retail chain for 15 years, featuring seven UK outlets and a wholesale business, Richard brings an abundance of knowledge to our team.

Richard joined us as a Senior Sales Executive after a decade-long career in the motor trade. His last three years were notably spent at Audi, where he secured the Prestigious Audi Sales Award for achieving the highest car sales across the entire Lookers division in the UK. Hand-selected by Acklam Car Centre for his outstanding performance, coupled with his composed and knowledgeable approach, Richard ensures every client receive a first-class experience.

A devoted family man, Richard finds joy in spending quality time at home with his wife Samantha and their young children, Jesse and Heidi, accompanied by their four-legged companion Rocky. Fondly recalling his childhood aspirations, Richard's poster cars were the iconic Ferrari F40 and the Lamborghini Countach.



Since joining the team in 2019, our Product Genius Jake has become a key member of the team, learning specialist knowledge about every aspect of each car here at Acklam Car Centre. Jake takes care of customers upon collection of their new car and leads the handover process in a very efficient and professional manner, to ensure a memorable experience for the customer.

In his previous endeavours, Jake has grown a professional set of people and leadership skills through managing a local restaurant and, coming from a big family of 9 siblings, Jake also ran a family gym with two of his brothers.

In his spare time, Jake can be found playing football and pursuing fitness.