Dear Customer,

Here at Acklam Car Centre we thought you would like to know some of the steps we have taken in response to the evolving Covid-19 (Coronavirus) threat.

Our first priority is to ensure the safety and well being of our customers and also our members of staff in order for them to continue to provide all of our customers with a quality and efficient service. Taking this into consideration we have implemented a number of precautionary measures across the dealership in the hope that we can limit the risk of infection and ensure continuity of service.

Firstly, we have developed contingency plans to ensure our staff have the ability to continue to provide all services from their home should a situation arise where we would need to close the dealership.

We have also increased the rigour of our dealership hygiene and cleaning protocols both around the building and within the vehicles we prepare. We have reinforced best-practice guidelines on regular hand washing and have provided antibacterial gel to all members of staff along with clear instructions on what they should do if they develop any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.

Our management team are closely monitoring the situation and we will issue further updates as and when required. Please be assured that we are confident we will continue to provide a quality service to our customers, even in the event of a dealership closure, it’s business as usual.

Thank you,
Joe Khan - Sales Manager