Sell your car for cash

Sell your car to Acklam Car Centre and get cash for your car, we get the car you get the cash it's as simple as that. Our friendly customer service representatives are ready and waiting to give you a free valuation of your car and advise on how much cash you can make by selling it to us. Condition of the car doesn't matter as long as it's road worthy. We deal in all types of cars so we won't turn down valuing your car.

Selling your car can be a difficult task. First you need to advertise the car privately, then meet with prospective buyers and finally agree a price. This process is unnecessary, enquire online for a free car valuation and we'll tell you how much cash your car is worth. You can have the cash as soon as the sale is agreed.

We understand that everyone needs cash, and don't ask any unrelated questions of reasons behind the sale of the car. We are always looking for cars to buy and individuals can even sell more than one car. Get a good deal when selling your car, come to Acklam Car Centre and sell your car for cash quickly and easily.

Acklam Car Centre is in Middlesbrough, Teesside, North East
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